Ava Kelly Rocett (Age 18) is a member of Sessa's team and is the youngest and most girly in the team. Her bestest friend is Sessa. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Her brothers are Mark- age 23 and Lucas- age 16, and her sister is Melody- age 13. Luckily Ava's family are all still alive. She is unimaginably loyal to Sessa. One negative word said about Sessa, she goes absolutely furious and tries to attack them and says "DO NOT TALK ABOUT MY FRIEND LIKE THAT OR ELSE YOU ARE GONNA PAY!"

Powers And Abilities Edit

Ava has these sharp metal purple claws, like crab claws only more sharp, magic and painful. She uses these when anyone has any kind of dislike about Sessa. So if you approach Ava, be especially careful! When Ava is at her angriest, or when the claws aren't powerful enough to break something, she can transform her metal crab-like claws into incredibly, intensely unimaginably sharp, deadly, electrical, knives that are just as big, but even more powerful. She can stab the worlds strongest metal into a tiny piece just by stabbing her knives into it, even if someone slowly, and very very gently touched Ava's knives (you'd imagine them being careful and perhaps getting a tiny cut) but actually, it firstly would electricute them even if you got the handle, and it would stab them right through the body and break superhuman muscles into tiny pieces. If somebody uses a sharp deadly knife into a building, you can just imagine it causing a big dent and a little damage. But If Ava stabbed a building with her knives in one place just once, it would actually tear the whole building apart if not followed by others too! She could even stab the ground with them and a huge earthquake occurs and it makes a big hole! If the worlds strongest tornado approached, she could easily with her claws transform trap the wind in them and then blow it back, or she can turn the tornado the other way with no difficulty at all, with her knife transform. Her knife transofrmation is used in the same way Sessa uses her frisbees.

Ava can also breathe under water and in other planets and space, and she can use a pink force field so if anything comes to attack (even super form magic) it'll all be erased and will never come back, ANYTHING that hits her force field, even vicious space objects like asteroids, meteors, etc. She also can become invisible and cause huge destruction Without anyone knowing when itll happen next, or being able to stop it.

Apperance Edit

Ava has long, light pale brown hair with pale pink dip dye at the bottoms, peach skin, Hazel-Green eyes, with purple eyeshadow, black eyeliner and thick long mascara. She wears a shiny purple dress with a bright pink diamond shape on her top, the dress is pretty short considering it goes down to her thies, with a bright pink end on the dress and also at the end of her sleeves just like her hair, only her hair is brown and pale pink, and the dress is purple and bright pink. She has matching heel boots. 

Personality Edit

Ava is shy, sweet, caring, romantic, crazy, hyper, friendly, loyal (Especially towards Sessa), curious, stubborn, nosy, but also gets fiery, scary to be around, snappy and has huge bursts of anger when either a negative comment is said about Sessa, or if someone insults her and her relationships with Sessa. Any parties or festivals happening, she gets angry and can get pretty bad tempered. She's also understanding, funny, unstoppable, unpredictable and very kind hearted.

Ava once went to a school where they just used to chuck her out of class because they thought she was talking in the middle of lesson, which she wasn't. Ava just actually has the disorder ADD. That is one interesting fact about Ava to know.

Gender- Female

Status- Alive

Birthdate- May 9, 1997

Alignment- Good

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