Baizen Lily Catsinio (Age 19) is one of the characters from The Never Giving Up Heroes. Her best friend is Sienna, and her good friends are Ava and Sessa.

She has no siblings. Baizen often helps Sessa's team even though she's not a part of it, but that's only when the team struggle to win the villains.

Baizen is incredibly close to her mother, and only really talks to her and Sienna the most. Baizen was bullied through her school life, which is a huge part to why she keeps to herself s often. But then at the age of 6, Baizen found Sienna and they became best friends, and Sienna is very protective of her.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Baizen has erasing powers which means she can erase ANYTHING from existence, even magic, just ANYTHING at all no matter what it is. Her powers come out as really bright whiteness, enough to blind you! And once she has erased something regardless of it's abilities, it does NOT come back once erased. She can even erase things way faster than the speed of light, that some people turn around 1 second later and wonders where something has gone! She can also erase people, and once they get erased, they dont come back either, and theres no way to at all. If she erases someone, they're erased completely from existence. Also Baizen can expand or minimize things regardless of what it is! See more info on Baizen's Abilities Page.

Apperance Edit

Baizen has long whiteish blonde hair with purple streaks in, she has pale skin and pale green eyes, with long thick mascara, lilac eyeshadow, purple lipstick and black flicky eyeliner. She wears matching heels with her outfit which is lilac, pink and purple patterned.

Personality Edit

Baizen is pretty shy and doesn't often show her true feelings, but she's kind, loyal, a loner, fiery, snappy, sensitive, agressive when need be, helpful, protective and caring.

GENDER- Female


BIRTH- June 19, 1996

NATIONALLY- Operus Kingdom (A Kingdom not so far from Lomessa Island)


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