The entire thing is about a team of 5 protective girls who are constantly trying to stop 2 evil men. The two men in the episodes and show are classed as the villains. The Team Characters Are:

Sessa Hevudi, age 21

Trixia Foynne, age 19

Ava Rocett, age 18

Kazzie Ecyndle, age 20

Suzi Babos, age 19

The Villains are:

Rotdota Egnickas, age 33

Zube McYoung, age 31

Enissa Trixeall, age 19

Wavalily Kendon, Age 26

The Other Characters are;

Baizen Catsinio, Age 19

Rosie-Anne Bayinna, Age 18

Sienna Hedacol, Age 18

Elizabel Wanlova, Age 23

Joshboy Nimason, Age 16

Chelsy Rayunida, Age 9

Enny Ecyndle, Age 11

Tinessa Ensie, Age 19

Christinie Tarbourne, Age 22

Rana Ecyndle, Age 27

Haylie Sanazu, Age 38

the 5 girls are from a hot island called Lomessa, and from a town there called Wessleby. Every day, the girls go on a huge adventure to stop Rotdota and Zube's evil ideas about making the world into their own, full of festivals and silly parties, and from controlling people and making them like being their slaves. But the 5 girls win every time. There is also a 19 year old girl called Enissa, who doesn't like the team and wants to help Rotdota and Zube get revenge, and she's also Sessa's arch rival, the one who Sessa struggles to win

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