Episode 1- Watch Us Roll

Episode 2- Welcome To Wessleby

Episode 3- Zube's Bizarre Ship "Eggrott"

Episode 4- Vacation At A Tropical Beach For A Day

Episode 5- Ava can't Stop Doing It!

Episode 6- We Are Undefeatable!

Episode 7- Rotdota and Zubes Revenge

Episode 8- Rotdotas Terrible Hygiene

Episode 9- The Biscuit Gun

Episode 10- Kazzie's Lost It

Episode 11- Rebellious Suzi

Episode 12- A Whole Day In Bed

Episode 13- Trixia and The Elastic Band

Episode 14- Zube Is In Love

Episode 15- Nothing Can Stop Us!

Episode 16- Ava and Sessa

Episode 17- Snow All Over Lomessa!

Episode 18- Tsunami Incoming

Episode 19- Kazzie is a......BULLY?

Episode 20- Sessa's Super Speedy Sports Day

Episode 21- Sessa, Trixia, Ava, Kazzie and Suzi......What A Team!

Episode 22- Suzi and The New Best Friend

Episode 23- Messing Around At Home

Episode 24- Where's Suzi?!

Episode 25- Sessa's Famous Relative

Episode 26- Sessa and Kazzie are Great Grandparents???

Episode 27- Can You Share a Ship between The Two?

Episode 28- ....I think He's Ate a Little too Much!

Episode 29- Enissa's Birthday

Episode 30- Pumping Trixia

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