Kazzie Flora Ecyndle (Age 20) is a member of Sessa's team and is the strongest and most fiery tempered in the team. She has 2 sisters, Rana- Age 27 and Irina, age 17, and she also has a niece called Enny, age 11 (Rana's daughter). Kazzie's best friend is Tinessa who she wishes was her sister, and she absolutely adores her niece Enny, she always looks out for her and makes sure she's ok. Kazzie wants Enny to stay safe and happy, but she also wants Enny to become powerful and a heroine like herself, to help Enny protect herself when she's older. Enny likes being trained by her, and Kazzie likes training her niece, as she finds it good fun. Kazzie's father is dead, after heart disease, but her mother is still alive and well.

Kazzie has a real temper in the mornings and afternoons. Not just a normal grumpy moody morning temper, but a very serious temper in the mornings which can lead to destruction. Every morning at 10 am, Kazzie goes on to the sofa in her pj's and doesn't talk to anybody and becomes incredibly rude. If Ava speaks to her, Kazzie yells "ZIP IT AVA!" to her, and when Sessa speaks to her she says "JUST SHUT UP I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" On these mornings and afternoons she has had the most incidents with Sessa, because Sessa tries to encourage her to get up and get dressed it will make her feel better, but she refuses to and continues to lie down on the sofa. When anybody talks to Kazzie the third time in the mornings, she gets so angry she just screams, runs to the kitchen and smashes all the dishes on the floor and tells the whole team to shut up. And when she does it, it's incredibly noisy. So from 10 am til 1 pm, she loses it, incredibly easily. The only people she won't be grumpy to are Tinessa and Enny. She'd even ask them 2 to tell the team to shut up.

Powers And Abilities Edit

When Someone she cares for is in danger, she really helps. Kazzie has this toxic fire that can even disintigrate water. Not even water can win it, this power of hers allows her to poison and disintigrate absolutely anything that exists. Then she is extremely good at saving that person she cares for, especially if it's Enny or Tinessa! When Kazzie really really loses it, she automatically ends up having that toxic fire around her body, and no matter what comes to her even if it's a giant bomb, or tornado or tsunami, they all get disintigrated. This toxic fire she has also allows her to swim and walk through lava even that's sun temperatured without being killed or burnt. Kazzie also has strengh that's much stronger than superhuman strengh! She could even just make a huge earthquake and break a whole land by just hitting it gently as possible! She can even punch and kick through worlds strongest metal, stone, or anything you can get trapped inside! When there is no avoidance from sun temperature lava, Kazzie isn't at all afraid and can control her toxic fire surrounding herself, and she also makes it surrounding her friends making them be able to go through and survive too. But only under Kazzie's control.

She also can make superhuman strengthed people so weak they can't even pick up a feather, and she can do that at anytime she pleases to her enemies that are stronger than imaginable. So tough guys better be careful around Kazzie or she'll make you weak and hopeless. She can also breathe under water and in other planets and space, and also doesn't get frozen since she has her toxic fire to protect her. She's also cable of destroying a whole planet when she's angry. She just stomps her foot on the ground, and the floor cracks and the world falls to bits, so if she's too angry it's the end of the world. And when she stomps her foit it doesn't take too long at all

Apperance Edit

Kazzie is pretty tall, she has very long, straight dark brown hair, pale skin, pale blue eyes, bright red eyeshadow, black eyeliner, thick long mascara, and bright red lipstick. She wears a shiny red suit with matching heel boots and the whole outfut has orange lightning patterns, but the outfit is mostly bright red.

Personality Edit

Kazzie is very very fiery, hot headed, short tempered, very easily angered, persistant, agressive, snappy, rude, but is also very caring, curious, loyal, brave, friendly, very honest, very kind hearted, confident, admiring, loving, really protective girl and says things exactly how they are. She's also very trustworthy, headstrong, stubborn, she doesn't even stop doing something if the police or government tell her to, her heart is that stubborn and headstrong. She also is very admiring and can say the nicest things you'd imagine.

Gender- Female

Status- Alive

Birthdate- August 13, 1995

Alignment- Good

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