Rosie-Anne is a character from the never giving up heroes, a friend of Kazzie, and a very funny girl. Previously in her life, she was taught by her cousin Delysha how to be fearless, and to not take everything so personal and into heart.

Personality Edit

Rosie-Anne is a kind-hearted, fearless, adventurous, energetic, funny, strong-willed and intelligent 18 year old however she can become a teaser, and sometimes teases Kazzie to show how fearless she is, showing she's not at all afraid of Kazzie's fierce temper, simply proving it in episode 13 "Fearless Of The Fierce".

Powers And Abilities Edit

Rosie-Anne is pretty powerful, not afraid of anything. She can slap through metal with her bear hand and break it into bits with just a gentle smack. She can also fly, and take others' powers away. Rosie-Anne is shown to have awesome dodging, even the ability to dodge a lightning struck. She can empower and destroy things with the control of her mind, and can also control others in anyway she pleases. She could collapse a mountain effortlessly with ease by slapping it. Rosie-Anne has also been shown to be unharmed by attacks no matter the power it has. Anybody's strike attack or powers regardless of what don't harm Rosie-Anne in any way, because she has an unbreakable invisible forcefield. When ANY kind of power or attack comes her way, it bounces back off her and towards the enemy.


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