Sessa Janette Hevudi (Age 21) is the main character out of all the other main ones, she's also the head of her team and the fastest and oldest in her team. . Her best mate is Ava (Who is a member of her team) and her 2nd best friend is Trixia (Another member out of her team). Her biggest rival is Enissa, and she and her fight very often.

Since Sessa is the head of the team, she's the one that plans all the ideas to get Rotdota, Zube and her rival Enissa defeated for good. Sessa is currently desperate to win Enissa but she finds it extremely hard since Enissa is her rival and is just as powerful as she is.

Sessa has 2 siblings, 1 brother and 1 sister. Her brother is older, his name is Humayo Hayden Hevudi (Age 25) and her sister is younger and her name is Deliya Jane Hevudi (Age 16). Her parents are deseaced since Rotdota killed them for letting her get away with winning him. But Sessa and her siblings occasionally go and see their aunt and uncle and cousins (Their only family members alive)

Sessa does a lot of sports, running, and excersize to keep her fit to be able to defeat the villains if they suddenly come.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Sessa has these amazing, really sharp and deadly blue frisbees which she throws into the air. When she throws the frisbees, they become invisible immedietely and the enemies usually think she's missed them or the frisbee has gone, when actually it's after them and little do they know about it! When chasing the enemy, it doesn't matter how fast the enemy runs or dodges, even if it's as fast as the speed of light, Sessa's frisbees can go faster than the speed of light invisibly, and can also go through walls, floors, metal, anything that exists without wrecking them whilst chasing the enemy. No matter how strong, powerful or fast you are, there is no escape- it's too late. Because of it's invisibility when thrown, You will not know when her weapon is about to hit you, and it'll often make you jump when it does hit. It goes right through the body when it hits, even if it's superhuman strengh. It still cuts right through it, fasinatingly. Sessa can also bring it back to herself easily once it's killed the enemy, she can also summon these deadly weapons of hers whenever she pleases. She can also control who it's chasing, and can make them duplicate to as many she likes. Sessa also has the ability to jump as high and as far as imaginable. She also develops poisonous electricity through her feet when angry, which she can control wherever it goes and who it's aimed at, or can even put the frisbees on her foot to get electric running through them so they become even deadlier.

Also, Seesa can turn the temperature to over minus 100 million degrees under 5 seconds at any time she pleases, and she stays alive whilst it's that temperature! How fascinating! She can also breathe under water and in space and other planets with no time limit, she can just do it. She's an excellent swimmer and can swim at 18 million miles per hour, not to brag.

Apperance Edit

Sessa has very straight, long black hair with side swept bang, pale skin, and dark brown eyes. She also wears dark blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner and very thick, long mascara, with purple lipstick. She wears a very shiny dark blue outfit with a zip, and the leggings also are shiny and dark blue, and has protective shiny light blue boots she wears on her feet.

Personality Edit

Sessa is caring, loyal, friendly, cocky, sarcastic, bubbly, energetic, fast, confident, determined, unpredictable, go with the flow, understanding and considerate girl. She's very funny too, especially when talking about Rotdota. She's good at pranking and she's very social, but she HATES festivals, so does all the goodies in this.


BIRTH- September 16, 1994



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