Magical Super Sharp Deadly Frisbees Edit

Weapon 1

These are incredibly deadly. When Sessa throws them, they turn invisible without even being able to see it do so, not even people that can see the invisible can see this! Once she's aimed it at her enemy, there is NO escape. Even if you coulc run teleport or dodge faster than the speed of light, there is still no escape because her frisbee can do EXACTLY the same thing. When it's in attack mode, she throws it and it becomes invisible, and to go for the thing it's aiming at it goes through everything including molecules, atoms, matter, antimatter and dark matterso there is no hiding either! It goes through walls, floors, you name it, even the world's strongest metal! There's NO chance of surviving, not even if you escaped to space no matter how far you went. Only Sessa can control it whether it stops attacking, doesn't give up or what. Once the enemy is attacked, it doesn't just stab them but it even goes right through the persons body, cutting them in half easily, even if you were superhuman strong, it'll still slice you easily. Once the frisbee is done attacking, Sessa brings it back to herself by mind control. She can also summon these things endlessly whenever she pleases, so because when she throws these things and become invisible faster than you'd imagine, it would be silent and unpredictable of the attack coming or even stabbing you. Watch out! lol

She can also slice through molecular power and break through any sort of magic force field, she can also snap atoms in half, and shatter particles with these frisbees.

Electric Shoe Power Edit


When Sessa gets angry, or when she's struggling to win a fight, she develops deadly electricity through her shoes and feet. It's not just normal electricity, but it's also really powerful electricity that NOBODY can survive if they get too close. This allows Sessa to kick very powerfully, even to kick mountains to a tiny stone, easily. And very fastly. They also allow her to jump very high and far at 7 billion feet high, and 6.9 billion miles far, also faster than the speed of light. It gives her unimaginable ultimate kicking power, that could even kick mountains off the planet! She can also move molecules wherever she pleases with her feet, and she could even cause a huge deadly tornado if angry enough

Ability To Freeze It To Over -100 Million Degrees Edit

Sessa can make it so cold and can make the atmosphere, atoms, molecular powers, matter, and anything existing cool right down to minus 100 million degrees. She can freeze particles, powers of others, and can freeze force fields so the enemy can get stuck in their own force field. She can even freeze lava, molecular and chaos control, space, time, and anything really to that cold.

Super Speed Edit

Sessa can run up to 190 Billion miles per hour At any time! It's a quick get away from the enemies, and thought to be faster than the speed of light, not to brag.

Powers That Her, Trixia, Ava, Kazzie and Suzi All Have Edit

syphoning powers, ability to breathe under water, space, other planets, toxic worlds, toxic atmospheres, and oxygen less places, mind control block meaning anybody that has mind control powers cannot get into their mind because the girls have a special blocker that stops the mind control from getting into theirs, invisibility, mind control, magnetic force field, teleportation, telepathy, flying powers, matter, antimatter, dark matter and molecular control, mimic powers, immortality, ageless, possession remover, ultra super strength and speed, untouchable meaning any kind of power at all magic regardless of how powerful it is gets erased permanently if touched them, healing powers reverse powers, super learning Powers, persuasion, phasing, universe control, time control, super sight, super hearing, elementary control, pain infliction, unstoppable momentum

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