Suzi Jess Babos (Age 19) is a member of Sessa's team and is the smallest and most able in the wild out of the team. She has an older sister name Brookie, age 23. Suzi's parents are both still alive and well, and Suzi shares most of her ideas with Sessa's team, but often fights with her sister. Suzi helps Trixia clean up the smashed dishes in the kitchen after Kazzie's rage temper tantrum.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Suzi has a power to invent giant poisonous wasps that can sting you to death and that can fly up to 100,000 miles per hour. They are very protective of Suzi and the team though. They can do spin attack faster than the speed of light so there's no chance of escaping that. Suzi herself can also sting the enemy so badly they die just in a click. Suzi can turn her and her wasps invisible so when her enemies think they've won and are chilling, the attack is very unexpected and shocking. Suzi can also make the atmosphere toxic wherever she pleases, she can control what places and people get poisoned and what don't. And they are poisoned....VERY QUICKLY! She can also survive tornados, tsunamis, and any earthly disaster easily.

Apperance Edit

Suzi has dark brown hair in two very long side braids, medium skin, turquoise blue eyes, black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and pale pink lipstick. She wears a dark green shiny suit, with matching boots and the entire outfit is mostly dark green with light green leaf shapes on it.

Personality Edit

Suzi is courageous, wild, kind, friendly, fearless, brave, confident, funny, fun loving, down to earth, bubbly, crazy and can be fiery and angered by family issues and Rotdota's ideas.

Suzi scares Zube. It's funny, you can find it out on the page Zube.

Suzi's father Jonas, is very talented and has taught Suzi to survive in the wild, and has helped her build her confidence, which is why she's so confident and advisable. Suzi often blames her sister Brookie for the arguments caused between Suzi and her mother Unia.

Gender- Female

Status- Alive

Birthdate- April 24, 1996

Alignment- Good

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