Trixia Mimi Foynne (Age 19) is Sessa's second best friend and the leader of the team if Sessa is ill and can't fight. Trixia has 5 sisters. There is Frozia- age 6, Uvi- age 16, Amy- age 10, Elena- age 21 and Lucie, age 23. Trixia's Father, Ownie is still alive but her mother Harriet passed away from murder by Rotdota. Trixia's dad Ownie comes every now and again to see Trixia to see how she is after her mother's death. Harriet died when Trixia's sister Frozia was only 2 years old. It's sad!

Now that Frozia is 6, and the father cannot handle everything at once, Trixia kindly takes her baby sister to school and back every day. Even when Frozia has been in huge trouble at school, Trixia does not get mad at her one bit, she actually cheers her up by getting her a treat out. Trixia does often have emotional breakdowns after her mothers death, but Sessa comforts her and so does the rest of the team. So Trixia has emotional swings often.

Powers And Abilities Edit

Trixia has this magical golden glowing elastic band, that is gravitational and can either crush a thing til it's completely gone, or can throw something incredibly huge regardless of how big or heavy it is, up to 15.7 billion miles away! The gravity of the elastic band can actually become as gravitational as a black hole, but Trixia luckily can control what she's pulling towards it. So it only becomes as gravitational as a black hole to whatever she wishes to pull to it and throw/crush. Also, this elastic band of hers can disintigrate people whenever they try to defend themselves from it, even if they were superhuman strong! Be careful with Trixia Because she can easily crush an enemy to death, if not how a black hole would kill you! She has another ability too, teleportation. She teleports so quickly that not even the fastest catcher faster than the speed of light imaginable would be able to see her teleport. She is extremely good at teleport dodging.

Apperance Edit

Trixia has curly, long platinum blonde hair, with an orange hairband, pale skin, grey-blue eyes, with black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and heavy mascara and pale pink lipstick. She wears a shiny yellow protective suit with orange line decorations and matching heel boots.

Personality Edit

Trixia is shy, kind, caring, friendly, intelligent, clever, understanding, loyal, brave, somewhat sensitive, but can be snappy when annoyed.

Trixia helps Sessa do the planning to Stop the villains, and helps Suzi clean up the mess on the kitchen floor whenever Kazzie has had a grumpy morning or afternoon and smashed all the dishes. Trixia is the most clever and helpful in the team.

Gender- Female Status- Alive Birthdate: November 1, 1996 Alignment- Good

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